Specialist paint finishing for historic buildings and heritage properties.   

The team at Tudor French Polishing and Fine Decorations Ltd are experts in specialist paint finishes. Whether you want to add classic detailing to your property, or simply bring a room back to it's original state, we can help you with a swipe of a paintbrush! 
Here are some of the techniques we specialise in. 
Marbling effect
Marbling is a technique where we use paint to realistically recreate the characteristics of marble and stone, highlighting the subtleties and details of these beautiful materials. It's an ideal solution for situations where it would be impossible to use the genuine article, such as doors or decorative areas on walls. 
Graining effect
Graining creates the look of fine timber. It's a true traditional art form, as it takes a skilled eye to produce a realistic appearance and years of training to produce the correct effect. Thanks to our combination of traditional techniques, modern materials and specialist expertise, graining is an extremely convincing way to represent natural wood. 
stippling effect
Stippling is a paint technique that gives a soft-texture sense of depth, and can give an elegant and sophisticated look to your property. Stippling is one of the best methods to disguise imperfections on rough walls. This is also a painting technique that’s most commonly used when working with stencils. 
colour matching
Colour matching is important when the paint originally used no longer exists. When this is the case, we can colour match new paint to the exact shade to renovate without ruining the original look of the orignal feature. Heritage properties will have been decorated with paint colour that may no longer exist and it's a real skill to handmix and scale up the correct colour. 
"This company were just excellent. Thank you"  
Mr Smith 
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